The best of 2018 residential architecture: Australia’s 10 top houses of the year

We are very excited to be listed in the 2018 Australia’s 10 top houses of the year for the complete renovation and restoration of the Georgian Gentleman’s Townhouse c1841-43 in Dawes Point.

Fabulous new and refurbished houses star in numerous annual Australian architecture awards, and many are such standouts they garner multiple prizes. But there are gems that either aren’t entered or are overlooked that are just as interesting.

Choosing any among hundreds of worthy projects is always a subjective exercise; nevertheless, here is a varied collection of 10 from Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney practices that in 2018 I was able to explore in depth.

Millers Point

Any student of Australia’s architectural history can visit one of the most exciting living classrooms in the Millers Point precinct at the back of The Rocks in Sydney. In this miraculously-preserved late Georgian/early Colonial neighbourhood expert heritage architects are guiding the rescue of scores of foundering cottages and terraces that are again being taken up as single residences.

Architect Peter Phillips of Orwell and Peter Phillips, and a cast of traditional craftspersons have carefully retouched an 1841, four-level Georgian gentleman’s residence which is once again being occupied by a gentleman, the owner Dominic Emmett.

An ingenious new inclusion is a copper-clad octagonal above-ground “link” that houses a new bathroom, allows transit from different parts of the building, and has a glass floor inscribed with the history of the house in copperplate writing.

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